The Department of Art History consists of eleven faculty members whose specializations include the art of the Americas, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East, from antiquity through contemporary times. We are a methodologically and theoretically diverse department, and each year our permanent faculty is enriched with numerous affiliated and visiting professors, including museum curators and postdoctoral fellows.

Recent News

Vagantes, North America’s largest graduate student conference for medieval studies, is seeking submissions for its 15th annual meeting at Rice. The conference is co-directed by Art History Ph.D. candidates Kyle G. Sweeney and Carolyn Van Wingerden.

Rice PhD student is the lead curator of solo exhibition at the MFAH

A doctoral student in the Art History department, Kyle works on the Late Gothic architecture of the church of Notre-Dame in Louviers.

Lectures, Openings & Events

How Elihu Yale Made His Fortune in India and Founded Yale University
MFAH book lecture by Benjamin Zucker, historian and gem expert
Sep 17, 6:30pm | Museum of Fine Arts, Houston Caroline Wiess Law Building, Brown Auditorium
Fall Exhibition: HART in Istanbul
A photojournalistic experience of Istanbul through the lens of Rice students
Sep 22 (All day) | Herring gallery walkway